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We’re thrilled with the positive support are receiving from the community about this project. We’ll keep this section updated with articles of interest about the property, the town, and the resort.


    The Explorers Society Hotel brings boutique trend to Revelstoke

    From the April/May edition of the Revelstoke Mountaineer, Eliisa Tennant stops by to tour, photograph, and discuss the renovation project, its motivation, and the resulting hotel, restaurant, and community event space.

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    Revelstoke’s Newest Inn – The Explorers Society Hotel – March 6, 2017

    One hundred and six years after McKinnon’s pool room and cigar store was built in 1911, the McKinnon Block has undergone another radical transformation; it’s now a beautiful boutique hotel and restaurant — the Explorers’ Society Hotel and Quartermaster Eatery. David F. Rooney, Revelstoke Current.

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    Revelstoke, hear me roar – November 17, 2016

    As a great reminder of just how unique our mountain paradise is, UK Globe and Mail correspondent Lori Knowles and her family go hard at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Read this and feel your excitement about the coming season rise...

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    One Helluva Hotel – September 1, 2016

    Who and what is behind the papered windows of the old McKinnon Block? In the REVED Quarterly issue focused on Revelstoke infrastructure investment projects, REVED's Peter Worden visits with us to discuss the emerging project. We had to climb a ladder to get to the roof deck and guest lounge that today is near complete.

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    Revelstoke’s historic McKinnon Building being transformed — June 10, 2016

    An early project summary from Alex Cooper of the Revelstoke Times Review

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    Revelstoke’s McKinnon Building to be transformed into Explorers Society Hotel – June 10, 2016

    An introduction to our project from Emily Kemp of the Revelstoke Mountaineer

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